Awakening the Woman Within: Step into your Personal Power

Ever spent hundreds of dollars on a hot new dress, those must have shoes or a big night out…only to realise that empty feeling is back in the morning, tugging at the seams of your soul? Chances are, you’ve forgotten who you really are..

WithinWithout invites you to:

Awaken the Woman Within

Step into your personal power

photo-woman-in-breeze-freedom 500 x 333Imagine a world where you bounce out of bed full of anticipation, optimism & possibility for what the day will bring…a world where you walk confidently into any room, radiating beauty from deep within – SHINING YOUR LIGHT for all to see!

I’ve made it my business to find out why in today’s world so many smart, sexy, intelligent, talented, successful & truly gifted women I have met underneath it all, feel fundamentally flawed, imperfect & ‘less than’.

They long to experience enriching relationships, to create successful careers doing what they love, to rediscover their authentic self and step confidently forward to live a purposeful & joyful life – But they’re just not doing it!

So here’s the best part, I found out not only why so many modern women feel this way, but the best kept secrets and transformative tools to unleash the brilliant, radiant goddess deep inside you!

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Next workshop: June 15, 2014 10:00am-5:00pm
Melbourne (address advised on booking)

YOUR LIFE IS TOO IMPORTANT to be living in your own shadow.

Be inspired, empowered and transformed as you:

  • Explore why you currently feel disempowered and see this as an opportunity for your greatest transformation.
  • Unblock unconscious patterns and disempowering beliefs about yourself that are holding yourself back from being all you can be.
  • Awaken to authentic source potential lying just beneath your mask.
  • Discover how in alignment you have been living with your truth and how absolutely crucial this is to feeling soulfully empowered.
  • Gain a mind blowing expanded perspective on how you relate to the world that will exponentially increase the possibilities for your life.
  • Recognise the power of your feminine essence and how the imbalance of masculine and feminine energy could be affecting your personal power in relationships.
  • Reconnect to your authentic joy.
  • Share in sacred ritual to powerfully embody the goddess you truly are.
  • Understand the gift of emotional intelligence and how to harness this gift to live powerfully in the now and create your experience of life.
  • Learn beautiful take-home tools & proven techniques to empower you on a daily basis.

Join like-minded souls in a safe and nurturing space for what promises to be a magical day.

Investment: Earlybird price $157.00 (2nd June)
Second Round $157.00 (6th June)
General Ticket $197.00 (14 June)
Two person discount $297


Just because I love you, as an added extra bonus to keep shining your light long after the day, you will also receive:

  • A full course workbook full of inspiring content, empowering activities & transformative take-away tools from the day.
  • A personal ritual gift set to re-activate your full feminine power at home.
Seats are limited so registration is essential to reserve your place.

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Please note you will be sent a welcome letter with details of how to prepare and what to bring to get the most out of the day, so please ensure you provide your email address when registering.

Wishing you love, truth & personal freedom,

Michele xxx
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