Answering the Call of the Soul: Awaken to your life purpose

Over the daily grind?

Feel like something’s missing, but not quite sure what?

Know you are destined for something more but don’t how to make it happen?

Imagine greeting every day Inspired! Awake, and ‘On Purpose!’ How would it feel knowing you ARE making the difference in the world you were born for? That from this point on, every decision you make is aligned with your soul purpose?

WithinWithout invites you to:

Answering the Call of the Soul

Awaken to your life purpose
All too often we sacrifice our hearts inner knowing for something more ‘sensible’. Striving for more money, more esteem, more ‘success’, we can lose our way and wind up feeling empty or directionless, adrift in the sea of life. All the while though somewhere inside we yearn for something  more…
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In this powerfully interactive workshop you’ll not only discover sacred spiritual secrets and leading edge transformative techniques to illuminate your higher calling, you’ll also earn how to apply your new found expanded possibilities in your life, with real world proven practical tools and powerful business methodologies to bring that vision to light.

Seating Limited – 12 Places ONLY – Step confidently forward and live the life you were born to live!

Answer the call today
Next workshop: Saturday, April 18, 2015 –  9.30AM-6.00PM

  • Reconnect with the deeper knowing of your divine soul purpose
  • Unlock your source potential, latent gifts and innate natural talents
  • Discover how to live a soul-ful life and make a living in complete alignment with who you really are
  • Dissolve self sabotage barriers that are holding you back & gain total confidence you CAN realise your dreams
  • Put together a practical step by step blueprint of how to turn your vision, project or business into reality
  • Gain complete clarity around the personal truths that bring you the greatest fulfilment
  • Begin the transformation of who you will become as you honour your highest truth
  • Understand how to work with universal law to attract the right people, activities & synchronicities into your life to propel you powerfully into the future you want.
  • Create an inspiring infrastructure of people, tools and resources to support you on the journey forward
  • Take home a detailed action plan of ‘what’s next for me’
  • Receive a complimentary ‘Within, Without New Business Resource Toolkit’ – An extensive guide with over sixty resources to get you started and save you time in your own soul-centred project or business.
YOUR LIFE IS TOO IMPORTANT to be living someone else’s dream.

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Investment: Early Bird $175 (March 31)
Second Round $189 (Apr 14)
General Tickets $197 (until sold)
Two person discount $345.00


  • A complimentary 20 minute soul alignment session tailored for you (worth $110)*
  • A full 36 page course workbook jam-packed with life-changing content, tips and exercises to put your insights into practice.
  • Take home planning tools to put your transformational revelations from the day into immediate action

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