Success Stories: Praise For Michele

photo victoria
Victoria Rose, Professional Speaker, Corporate Strategies Trainer, Public Seminar Leader, Founder of The Leadership Voice & Over 50 STILL Fabulous

My name is Victoria Rose and I am a professional speaker and corporate trainer for the Leadership Voice and Over 50 Still Fabulous. That’s all about empowering women to find their voice.  In all my 28 years of training I have never come across a speaker as passionate, enthusiastic, authentic and deeply intuitive as Michele Peppler.

Michele has a gift. And that gift is to enable you, to feel safe. Safe enough to have a look at yourself. To have a look at those things that are holding you back from achieving the results that you want.

When you find yourself lucky enough to be coached by Michele or attend one of her workshops then grab that opportunity with both hands. You’ll be SO glad you did!


Ruth Cumberland, Intuitive Healer, PhD Student undertaking her Doctorate in Dealing with Trauma

‘Yesterday was so amazing! I’ve definitely experience a shift, it’s hard to explain what, Yin and Yan feel more at one within me. I’m more centred than I’ve ever been and already those things I reclaimed are manifesting.

You have such a gift and facilitated such a wonderful experience for everyone, I was so blissed out afterwards!  It was also a great reminder to me to be strong in my divine feminine and the importance of that in our world at the moment.

Love how everyone has tools, strategies & goodies to take home too, love your style!! You present from the heart and naturally create a beautiful, supportive group dynamic.’


kerry verdon 2
Kerry Verdon, Music Teacher, Sound Healer, Founder of Usanda Healing Centre

‘Michele has an amazing, almost magical ability to tap into your core issue and bring to light what you need to heal and move forward.

I’ve attended 3 of her workshops now. From someone who has attended many seminars and workshops over the years from Anthony Robbins to Christopher Howard, she truly tapped into the core of what I was needing to address in a new and different way that really made it become clear for me.

Maybe it’s because she’s a woman, but I just suddenly realised that my issue was connected to many other areas and situations in my life, and had some real ‘frying pan in the face – Aha!’ moments!

I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend anyone to attend her events. You are amazing Michele’ x


Elizabeth Orien
Elizabeth O’Brien, Creative Marketing Director and Co-Founder AMOR Global Productions, Melbourne

“I had a wonderful time last night exchanging my experiences, my true essence with a bunch of very interesting women at the beautiful Michele Peppler’s Shine your Light Goddess Gathering. Thank you Michele for your diligence and eagerness to spread Love and encourage us, women, to ignite the flame of hope in each others hearts. I love watching you shine and the belief you have in your own self. I applaud you my friend!!!”