Success Stories: Personal Coaching

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Laura Escudero, 24 – Integrative Movement & Energy Therapist, Anthropologist

So, so, so inspired!!!! Working on some real juicy creations at the moment, soon to be shared! Spoiler alert: life changing and heart opening, soul purpose work and sharing for me and hopefully for you too! ??

Moment of deep gratitude to Michele Peppler. Thank you, thank you, for supporting me in finding my truth, guiding me back on track, and for being the amazing truth mentor, friend and person you are to me. You’re a gift to us all

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T.S. – Biologist, PHD Graduate, Animal Rights Advocate

So many results within such a short time!  Suddenly everything makes sense again and I feel so energized and inspired!

I found my real passion in life, my fuel and the ‘thing’ that makes my heart sing: animals and standing up for their rights!  It was always there – but I had forgotten about it because I listened too long and too much to other people’s voices “I should do something serious with my life” when I expressed my love for animals and that they should be treated with respect and justice. I never thought how exciting it can be to find out what really drives you. And on the other side how easily it feels when you are on the right path (again). I am getting involved in things that are really true and important to me and I feel much more fulfilled and this feeling of sadness is replaced with excitement!

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Catterina Tilby, 25, Roving Performer, Hooper, Singer – Empowering others through the Arts,  Melbourne

Michele is more than a coach. She is a friend, a sister, another human being who has gone through her own journey and practise what she preaches. She is a guide who accepts you for who you are and where you are at but also challenges you to step up into your own personal power and accept responsibility for your life direction. The time & love she has shared has been paramount.

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Julianne Wurm

Dr Julianne Wurm, 42, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Founder & Curator Tedx East NY, New York

“Working with Michele was such an incredibly positive experience. The first thing that I was so impressed with her very deep knowledge of the theories in her field and her ability to bring those into practice day to day with me to look at things in a new way that I had never considered before.

“The things that she promised she really delivered…”

It was a very unique experience for me and I always felt incredibly safe.  I really trusted her and that was a connection we had straight away. [Michele has] something very unique that personally I have never found before in any kind of dialogue or coaching work that I have done.

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Transformation butterfly!

Jane Watson-Brown, Library Manager turned Meditation Teacher

The shifts I have experienced have been throughout my coaching with Michele have been life changing. She has helped me step on to a path to taking personal responsibility; setting personal boundaries; understanding more about other people’s ‘issues’; and, most importantly,  regaining my passion, energy and zest for life.

Michele’s ability to listen acutely and gently point out my fixed perceptions of people and things in my life challenges was truly remarkable. I would recommend her holding a mirror to anyone who is ready for it.

I was really at a point of complete life dissatisfaction, unhappiness when I came across Michele’s website, and a desire to rekindle passion, interest and creativity in my life made me reach out. Read the rest of my story


Karen Ward, Melbourne

I haven’t had the chance yet to show my appreciation and gratitude for the space that you held for me.  I am so grateful for our sessions and where I journeyed to with you. You allowed me to start opening up to my potential and to get to know a part of myself I had hidden for so long, by holding space and witnessing me. Your perfect balance of strength and softness gave me confidence to start exploring my vulnerability. Thankyou for being the reflection that I wanted and needed…

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Julie*, 32, Medical Industry Entrepreneur, Melbourne

” I’ve learnt skills for self-love, self-care, self-nurturing and self-leadership and how to instil personal boundaries not from a place of defensiveness but from a genuine place of self-honouring”.

I have always been a strong, capable woman; but lately not exactly sure where I belong in this city. Starting my own business, being active, strong and competitive, seemed to override my subtle, sensual, softer side, which I had neglected so as to protect myself and ‘get ahead’. I felt disconnected from my feminine side, full of limiting self-belief’s, pleasing others, and caring about people’s opinions of me were affecting my sense of self, where I fit in, and what I really wanted. Michele helped me to challenge and change my beliefs, understand of the power of my disowned feminine energy, and to take full responsibility for my own ability to create my experience of life. Read the rest of my story


Claire Scannell, 25, Psychology Student (now about to launch her own dream Beauty, Health & Wellbeing business), Sydney

Before I started coaching with Michele I was frustrated, lost and had no control on life. Life was a confused struggle and I felt as though I was stuck in mud.  Full of anxiety, stress, worry and all this dreaded negative energy was making me confused, flaky, frustrated and making stupid mistakes.  I hated everything around me.  I was full of anger – and hated life.

“After working with Michele I feel awake and alive inside, the scared [person] is no longer within me, the excitement I have for life is a feeling of great happiness that I never knew was within me.”

The first few sessions that I went to see Michele I got lost, kept forgetting the apartment, what tram to get on and get off.  In the process of this I used to keep thinking I was stupid and a failure. I hated everything around me.  I was full of anger – and hated life.  I told myself everyday I’m stupid and going nowhere in life.  I’ll be honest the first few times I went to Michele I didn’t even want to go but a good friend of mine insisted that I went because she loved me and knew there were more possibilities for in life for me.

After working with Michele I feel awake and alive inside, the scared [person] is no longer within me, the excitement I have for life is a feeling of great happiness that I never knew was within me.  My mind is now thinking more clearly and I can focus on things that are important to me.

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Ying Chan, Enthusiastic Property Consultant & Mum of 2, former unfulfilled BDM, Melbourne

“Like me, you may have thought life coaching is only for people who want to make drastic life changes but now I can’t believe I have been able to make this career transition about 8 years earlier than I originally thought!

“I got the Job, part time, better pay in an industry I love!”

Michele is great at what she does and is a big advocate of people doing work which inspires them and encourages them to utitilise the skills and abilities that they naturally possess.  She really helped me overcome my fears and offer solutions on how to mitigate the risk of changing jobs and industries.  End result: I got the job, part time, better pay, more opportunities for advancement in an industry I love, and above all: happiness.

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Natalie Bowcutt

Natalie Bowcutt, Online Business Entrepreneur, Sydney

“Michele has taught me so much; introduced me to skills I wasn’t even aware were important.  Not just surface level stuff like how to manage my finances or set myself up in a home (which she has also provided guidance in) but how to stop built in, negative thought patterns that were affecting those areas to begin with. I learnt to replace them with positive ones, by looking within and realising my true values, not ones I have been told to have throughout my life.

“I left that day with my eyes WIDE OPEN – a new found enthusiasm and excitement I hadn’t felt for a LONG while!”

When I first attended a life purpose workshop I was looking for a change in my life and career. I had a bit of idea about a project I wanted to do but didn’t have much clarity or know quite what to do to make that a reality. I went in feeling like I was going through the motions, not really having much hope in getting more focus or direction in where my life was going.  I left that day with my eyes wide open – a new found enthusiasm and excitement I hadn’t felt for a long while!  Not only did I ‘feel’ great, I truly had a practical idea of exactly what to do in the future and the next steps I had to take to get me there.

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Jessica*, Performance Artist, Melbourne

Before I started coaching with Michele I was stuck in a mind state that was not helping me succeed and strive for an amazing life and future.

I am now so much happier. I have shifted my thinking. I no longer have social anxiety and have created an amazing new life for myself now that I’ve learnt the biggest lesson – to love myself.

What makes Michele so unique is how open and loving she is. She creates a warm relaxed environment and I feel very comfortable opening up to her without any fear of judgement.

Michele has changed my life and will change yours too.

* Full name withheld due to client request

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Harriett Page, Australia Post, Melbourne

Michele, thank you so much for everything. You have no idea how much you have helped me. I can’t describe fully in words the difference you have made in my life. Just knowing there is someone to talk too, who understands me is life changing. You truly are an amazing person, and I feel so blessed to have you now, helping me in my journey…. Lots of love xxxx