Why My Clients Keep Coming Back

Why my clients keep coming back is what’s unique about the WithinWithout style of coaching.  Here’s what they’ve said about why they enjoy working with me:

Because I’m ‘real’, rather than textbook.

I know what I’m talking about and what works, not only because I’ve studied it, but because I’ve walked the talk. I am actually genuinely happy, fulfilled in what I am doing with my life and the people in it, and comfortable and confident in my own skin. But it wasn’t always this way.  I have experienced trauma, grief, insecurity, loss and the disconnection that often precedes the experience of awakening and transcended it with what I’ve learnt and embodied on the way.  People see my lightness now and know I’m not full of B.S.  This also means I have an authentic, non-judgmental relatability as I’ve often ‘been through’ similar ground to whatever the issue is.

Because it’s fast tracked and outcome focused

Which means not just talking about the problem issue and why it is there, but focused on where is it you want to be instead, of course exploring the issue that is stopping  you from getting there, but ultimately looking at what needs to be transformed and changed, getting to the ‘Aha!’ insights that make the difference and using powerful techniques like NLP, Hypnosis, Subconscious Re-patterning, Creative Therapy, Timeline Therapy or other Transformational Coaching Methodologies to shift the blockages.

Because I support you on your specific journey

Essentially coaching is about understanding if you want a different result in any area of life you can’t expect to get one without changing your approach and perspective about the situation (or similar future ones) to begin with, and that the results happen in the application & accountability of the implementation of the learnings.
Transformational practices are fun and exciting, but can also sometimes be confronting as we need to look at and change who we think we are at a fundamental level and try new things that gently push you past your preconditioned boundaries of limitation.   This of course means letting go of old ideas and ways of being that have kept us comfortable and safe for a long time.  As a coach part of this journey is being a check in to support you on this journey of identify reframe and holding you accountable to being the version of you that supports where you want to go in life, even if that means being uncomfortable at times. (I kind of aliken it to growing pains as you expand who you are.)

Because I’m holistic

I look at physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual blockages and focus on the integration and amalgamation of best practice tools and techniques from a variety of different modalities to get long lasting tangible results in the ‘real world’ by focusing on a deep understanding and connection with self and what really fulfils you as both a person and a soul.

Because they get results

Not only in the specific area they initially see me for, but the kind of results that change who they are at the core level, empowering them to get results in other life areas too.

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