Shared Coaching Journeys

For those who prefer the richness of a group dynamic WithinWithout offers two shared coaching journeys  available after the prerequisite workshop/s

Re-awaken the Goddess Within – A guided journey of transformation and personal awakening

A guided journey of personal awakening, self-discovery and transformation available to women who have attended one of WithinWithout’s workshop experiencees.

Empowered Women - group jumping 496 x 335This ongoing weekly circle is specifically for awakening women in the within without community to confound the learnings, embody the principles and live the withinwithot practices that will see you become the radiant woman you really are and bring into being all the wonderful things you wish to create in your life.  The forum is a safe and empowering space guided by Michele, and offering you an opportunity to be held, nourished, inspired and supported by your sisters, as you embark on the wonderful and sometimes challenging journey that comes with honouring your truth.

This course is designed to follow Aphrodite Awakening, however please contact Michele to see if you are ready to join the circle.

Answering the Call of the Soul – In Action

A shared coaching program, to own and bring your newfound purpose to life.   Held monthly over 6 months & personally facilitated by Michele, the group coaching dynamic offers an opportunity for ongoing support, guidance, encouragement and practical solutions along the way as you begin to honour your calling and put your purpose into action.

Put your learnings into practice, shift obstacles, breakthrough limited thinking, workshop personal challenges and create tangible solutions,.  This group environment offers an incredibly powerful way for like-minds who are on the same journey to create synergy, become business and life resources for each others projects and visions, and to support and hold each other accountable for making their dreams reality.

Full weekend workshop is a pre-requisite, however if you feel you are already ‘on purpose’ but wish to join an ongoing coaching environment please contact Michele to see if this program is right for you now.

Note – The full WithinWithout Workshop Series is a variety of full day and weekend workshops designed as a complimentary path of awakening, as you open to your truth and higher calling in life, however each is also a stand alone event, that will powerfully transform the way you see the world in that area of your life.

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However because every woman is unique and no-one other person has walked in your shoes or is privy to the thousands of interactions and experiences you have had along the way, sometimes you need personal one on one attention. One on one coaching costs a little more but because it is tailored just for you and your unique journey you will receive undivided attention and brief interim email/telephone support along the way.

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