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Isn’t Coaching Just Another Word For Counselling?

NO. Life Coaching is NOT counselling. Rather it is an extremely powerful future focussed methodology that identifies the things that are going to make the difference for you creating what you want in any area of your life.

Coaching does not ‘fix’ you – What is does do is guide you to step into the power you already have and become the woman you need to be in order to create the results you want, shifting unconscious patterns that do not serve you and works with you to implement practical proven methodologies to get there.

WARNING: Life Coaching is only for those who actually want their life to change.  It gives you clarity, direction and inspiring personal purpose.  So, whilst counselling is a very important modality it is often about talking about your problems and slowly unravelling why they are there, without necessarily working with you to actually make the changes that will make the difference for you in life. Coaching focusses on getting right to the heart of ‘What’s been holding me back in this area,’ and once we find it, breaking through it and moving forward to brilliance.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

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It really depends on you.

Just like a work out, whilst you can get results in one session, generally that session is mostly about an assessment of where you are at and awareness of what you need to do to focus on your bigger goal, whether that be finding your life purpose and changing careers, or preparing for a soul mate relationship, and taking the steps to create it.

For that reason coaching is the most effective when a program is undertaken over an extended period of time, determined by your desired outcome and preferred pace as you move through the different stages of your journey. Coaching programs are tailored specifically just for you based on your needs, but typically sessions are fortnightly (apart from the first 2 sessions which is best no more than one week apart), with clients choosing to see me for around 6 sessions before we do a bit of a ‘sense check’ to see where we are at. Some clients chose to continue the coaching relationship as they begin to tangibly realise their initial intentions, and as the reality of the infinite possibilities for their future really sets in, seek to transform other areas or move to the next level within the current area of focus. If you’re ready to expand the possibilities for your life, contact me NOW, to arrange an initial transformative coaching consultation, or call 0402 859 305 to discuss your unique needs.

What Kind of Women See A Coach?

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Do I Work With Men?

Absolutely. Though I predominantly work with women, I do offer personal coaching to men also. As with any client, we always ensure we are a fit for each other and that the WithinWithout style of coaching will work to get them the results the desire.

What If I Don’t Live In Melbourne?

Whether interstate or overseas, coaching is just as effective by Skype and I have had many clients who chose to work this way. Just ask me how.

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