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People see a life coach for many reasons and there are many different types of coaches with different specialities and approaches. Like every relationship, to bring out the best in you, it’s important to make sure you are a match with your coach.  The most common reasons my clients seek me out, have become the basis of my Top 5 most popular programs:

1.  Own your life purpose

Life Purpose Coaching : Discover your soul calling, a deep understanding of self and learn how to take the practical steps to live an incredible purposeful life integrated with your career. Why?…

  • Work out your true path and purpose in life
  • Expand your possibilities, greater motivation and enthusiasm for life
  • Gain greater clarity/direction for what’s next for you
  • Map out a blueprint and step by step action plan to make your dreams reality
  • Connect with what is genuinely meaningful for you and learn the practical solutions to creating passionate success
  • Breakthrough barriers to creating your vision, changing career or your work situation to be more fulfilling
  • Learn to use proven techniques and results coaching methodologies to overcome challenges as you step forward
  • Develop the mindset of a champion, an optimal physical body and the spirit of eagle to support your success
  • Gain the confidence and courage to step up and honour your true calling, learning life skills to make it happen
  • Access your brightest light and increase your personal presence, to best share your gifts with the world

2. Have deeply connected relationships

Calling in ‘My People’:  Teaches you how to become the person you need to be to attract the right people or partner into your life, have deeply connected relationships and practical guidance on how to how to consciously create a like-minded friendship circle. Why?…

  • Have more love in your life
  • Learn how to connect with like-minded people/make great new friends
  • Have better relationships/deeper connections with people/partner/friends
  • Call in your soulmate/partner using both spiritual practices and practical steps
  • Learn how to see every relationship as a powerful catalyst for your personal growth
  • Have a deeper awareness of how you relate to the world in order to bring the right people into your circle
  • Have more empowering and authentic relationships with people already in your life
  • Learning how to recognise when people don’t serve your best interests and how to let them go with love and forgiveness

3. Learn to love yourself more, feel empowered and confident

Inner Goddess Coaching – Learn how to step into your personal power, and harness your feminine presence through reawakening the goddess within. Why?…

  • Be connected and aligned with your authentic self
  • Reconnection with your feminine essence (the goddess within) to empower the woman without
  • Have the courage to find your voice, be fully self expressed and walk your path with confidence, integrity and ease
  • Understand your power as the divine feminine and learn to harness your personal presence for alluring magnetism
  • Recognise and shift unconscious patterns holding you back
  • Rediscover your inner creative as a means to self discovery and healing
  • Bring more fun, joy and playfulness back into life
  • Feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled in life
  • Have a positive outlook and deep gratitude for your life

4. Feel happy, complete and more fulfilled as a holistic spiritual being

Inner Truth Coaching – Learn to align with your inner truth and work with your higher self, as you discover your own personal spiritual path and integrate that into your material world for a more fulfilling everyday existence. Why?…

  • Have a deeper understanding/connection with true self
  • Understand yourself more spiritually and be guided on your journey of awakening
  • Learn to integrate your spiritual self with the modern material world
  • Learn to tune into and trust your internal guidance (intuition)
  • Understand yourself as a transpersonal being within the context of the greater universe
  • Be supported as you connect with and walk your spiritual path
  • Have the courage to speak your truth, honour your soul ideals, even in the face of adversity
  • Learn how to bring spiritual practice into your everyday without being branded ‘woo woo’

5. Making Stuff Happen!

Coaching to Make Stuff Happen! Simply put life coaching moves you from where you are to where you want to be instead in a particular life area, shifting unconscious blocks and old patterns and focussing on practical solutions to make it happen. Why?…

  • To move from where you are to where you want to be instead in a particular life area (ie Career & Contribution, Holistic Health & Wellbeing, Relationships & Romance, Fun & Fulfilment, Creativity & Expression, Spiritual & Personal Growth, Life/Work Balance)
  • Intention/Goal setting & follow through, Promotion or career change, Changing living situation, Self-confidence, Life-skills, Direction/clarity, Soul ideals check in, Making new friends, Motivation etc
  • Changing specific habits, behaviour or thought patterns (ie disempowering thought patterns, anxiety, changing food or lifestyle choices, letting go of the past, increasing trust, fears of the future, repatterning the past, subconscious reprogramming, breaking through barriers)
  • Working through specific life challenges – essentially I work with individuals on anything they aren’t quite sure how to manage themselves, teaching them skills & techniques to overcome the present challenge and empower them with future situations.  From dealing with a difficult situation/conversation or current life issue, to public speaking, moving house, city or country, starting study, learning personal boundaries, managing stress, overcoming overwhelm, learning difficulties, effective organisation, job applications & interview preparation etc
  • The WithinWithout difference is that we always ensure what you wish to create is first in alignment with your soul truth, empowering you to create solutions to master your own personal power to create your world; teaching you tools, techniques and proven best practice methodologies to move towards your goals providing an infrastructure of support, encouragement and self accountability.

A initial consultation will help you determine what is right for you.  By identifying what is important to you, what is already amazing in your life, and what needs a little TLC we will work the priorities for our journey together to realise your dreams and create your ideal fulfilled life.

Find out which coaching journey is for you,

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