Woman's Eye and World GlobesWithinWithout’s mission is to inspire and teach women to connect with their true authentic essence, empowering them to re-awaken the radiant goddess within and expand the possibilities for their lives.

Through fun, innovative shared experiences and one on one coaching programs my clients gain a deep understanding of who they really are and how they relate to the world to be fully self expressed, realise their truth, honour their higher calling and bring genuine happiness and fulfilment into being.

It is my vision that as each and every woman I work with awakens to her own greater truth, she gives herself permission to shine her light and to spread that light in such a way as she becomes an affecter of change within her own community and catalyst for positive growth for the future of our humanity.




Reclaim Your Sacred Power - A Woman's Guide to love, truth & empowerment

  • Includes 21 unconscious ways most women give away their power & the keys to getting it back
  • Easy to read, relatable material for every woman
  • With practical everyday activities to implement right now to reclaim your personal power & overhaul your life
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Reclaim Your Sacred Power A Woman's Guide to love, truth & empowerment

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